Traversing the trails of Mt. Arayat


For its 2nd Photo Walk, Photoville International went up Central Luzon last Sunday, November 13, 2011, endured the Magalang-Arayat Trail and communed with the legendary Mt. Arayat’s reserved simple to grandest beauties of Nature.

Each of the 45 officers and members who joined Photowalk enjoyed a clear day outdoor adventure type of Photo Walk which helped them hunt for their perfect shots.

From afar, the majestic mountain is already sight to behold for any photo enthusiast. Its looming land mass of about 200ft. stands against a stark-blue horizon in the town of Magalang, province of Pampanga.

However, PVI officers and members go for more inspiration in the presence of the mountain’s colorful flora and fauna, playful butterflies and dragonflies around bushes, towering sun-drenched emerald-green trees, swaying grass that dances in rhythm with the gentle breeze, offered by the mountain’s tranquil forest and vastness of its greenfields.

As a bonus treat, the event also featured a free Model Shoot session of Myka Cloma who was dressed in traditional Japanese costume, known as yukata (summer kimono),  complementing a scenic background of river bed rocks, trees and greens. She is the drummer of PLAY BAND and is actively serving as a Treasurer of PVI.