A PVI Member’s Photo Gets Prime Spot on a Cebu Province Tabloid

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES (11 Nov. 2011) – Another Photoville International (PVI) member has showcased his photojournalism skills.

PVI member James Vercide photographed Nov 10 the body of the slain ex-convict Eduardo Concha as the crime is being investigated by the police. Sun Star Super Balita Cebu – a daily tabloid locally circulated in Cebu province, used Vercide’s image as the main photo of its Nov 11 issue to visually describe the incident.

Originally written in the Cebuano dialect, the translation in English of the caption supplied by the tabloid run as follows:

Another man is shot dead before daybreak yesterday (Nov 10) at the Carbon Market in Cebu City. The victim is identified as Eduardo “Abay Abay” Concha, said to be in his 20s. Concha had just been released from the city jail where he served time for a case involving illegal drugs. Police say he was just sitting around when he was shot in his head and body at past 2 am yesterday (Nov 10).

Vercide was with the correspondents of UNTV 37, a media partner of PVI, during the wee hours of Nov 10 at Police Precinct 10 in Cebu City when they heard of the incident on radio. The group rushed to the site and successfully covered the scene of the crime.

The PVI member said it was the first time that his photo was published on a daily paper.