PVI inducts Regular Members

We are now Regular Members!

Chanted every newly inducted Regular Member of Photoville International (PVI) followed by a thunderous applause.

Seven months after the kick-off event of the group, Photoville International has inducted 109 regular members that will act as group’s representatives to major events and projects during PVI’s Induction Ceremony last May 13, 2012 at PG 13 Pinoy Grill in Mandaluyong City.

Asked why did the induction lasted for more than half a year, PVI President Dominic Meily said to be qualified as Regular Members, they had to pass screening process conducted by the officers and advisers and to submit necessary requirements for formal membership.

The awarding of certificates of winners of the monthly contests from December 2011 to April this year was also included in the event, which started from 12nn to 5pm. Local and overseas members who have shown their exceptional skills in photography were recognized herein.

Mr. Meily led the oath taking ceremonies of the 109 PVI Regular Members, including the officers and advisers. Each member received a Certificate of Regular Membership after the taking their oath.
In his closing remarks, Mr. Meily challenged the Regular Members to keep their quality pictures coming for the benefit of the group and for the development of the field of photography.